Typical Curriculum

Curriculum Overview: Immunology

All PIBS students must take the PIBS core curriculum:

  • PIBS 600: Research Rotation
  • PIBS 503: Research Responsibility and Ethics
  • PIBS 800: PIBS Seminar Series

IMM Courses and Competencies: Immunology Program students take formal graduate level courses in immunology, biochemistry, genetics and cell biology. Many of these courses will be completed during the first (PIBS) year. Required student seminars involve participation of both students and faculty members. At the end of coursework, the preliminary examination covers primary literature, a  student-developed specific aims proposal and general immunology questions, providing students an important opportunity to hone critical presentation skills. 

The Immunology track requires that students complete ONE of the following three Core courses. 

Required courses include:

  • BIOLCHEM 660—Molecules of Life: Protein Structure, Function, and Dynamics
  • CDB 530—Cell Biology 
  • HUMGEN 541—Molecular Genetics 


After these, the Immunology specific coursework includes Micro 640/641 (Molecular and Cellular Immunology + journal club-offered in fall), IMM 850 (Methods in Immunology-offered in Winter) and IMM 851 (Special Topics in Translational Immunology-offered in Fall).

Your First Year:

PIBS advisors will help you choose the most appropriate courses. All students should meet personally with interim Immunology Program Co-Director, Dr. Malini Raghavan before selecting and enrolling in courses.  

Although each student’s needs are different, a common first year may look like this:

Fall Semester:

PIBS 503 (1 credit)
PIBS 600 (3 credits)
PIBS 800 (1 credit)
MICRO/IMMUNO 640 (3 credits) plus 641 (journal club)*
    plus BIOCHEM 660 (2 credits)
    or HUMGEN 541 (3 credits)
    or CDB 530 (3 credits)

Winter Semester:

PIBS 600 (3 credits)
PIBS 800 (1 credit)
IMMUNO 440 (3 credits)-if needed for students new to Immunology
    or PATH 581 (3 credits)
    or MICRO 504 (3 credits)
IMMUNO 850 (2 credits)

*May be taken year 1 or 2.


Your Second Year:


  • IMMUNO 815—Immunology Seminar Series: first year students should attend but not register when rotating in the Immunology Program labs.
    Students must register for two semesters of this course during their second year and are required to present at least once an academic year until they’re scheduled to defend. 


Fall Semester:

*IMMUNO 851 (2 credits)
IMMUNO 815 (1 credit)
IMMUNO 599 (at least 6 credits)
Elective: e.g. Pharm 502 (Grant writing)

Winter Semester:

IMMUNO 815 (1 credit)
IMMUNO 599 (at least 8 credits)