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Research Fellow, Microbiology and Immunology
Research Interests:

My research interests involve to investigate the molecular and cellular metabolic pathways in innate T cells and how they are different from conventional T cells. In our laboratory, we have PLZF tg mice in which CD4 T cells behaves like NKT cells, therefore, I am going to demonstrate the similarities in PLZF tg CD4 and innate NKT cells. Till now, we have demonstrated that PLZF tg CD4 T cells produce more ROS similar to NKT cells and produce more cytokines without activation. I have also demonstrated that PLZF tg CD4 T cells as compared to conventional CD4 from WTB6 mice, have less glucose...


Immunological Techniques- Flow cytometry, FACS sorting, Flowjo analysis, ELISA analyses.

Molecular Techniques- Real-time quantitative RT-PCR, Western Blot analysis, Cell death analysis

Microbiology techniques-- Bacterial isolation and identification, Cell culture, in-vitro Cell culture, Bone marrow macrophages and neutrophils isolation and culture Microscopy- Fluorescence microscopy, confocal microscopy Animal handling, genetic fingerprinting, Statistical analysis of the data.

Immunology Mentor:
Cheong-Hee Chang, Ph.D.