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Associate Professor of Surgery, Section of Vascular Surgery
Associate Professor Microbiology and Immunology
Accepting Students
Research Interests:

I have had a long-standing defined clinical and translational interest in the mechanisms underlying impaired diabetic wound healing. My long-term goal is to uncover the basic mechanisms responsible for the coordination of immune cells in early tissue repair processes, determine impairments in Type 2 Diabetes and translate this knowledge to the bedside.

Eliza Maria Mosher Collegiate Professor in Internal Medicine
Research Professor, Institute of Gerontology
Director, Michigan Biology of Cardiovascular Aging
Research Interests:

The overall theme of Dr. Goldstein’s laboratory is how inflammation impacts different disease states. Broadly, Dr. Goldstein’s laboratory investigates the importance of inflammation in organ transplantation, and in aging

Associate Professor of Microbiology and Immunology
Research Interests:

regulation of T-dependent B cell response, control of auto-reactive B cells

Arthur C. Curtis Professor of Skin Molecular Immunology
Associate Professor, Dermatology
Frances and Kenneth Eisenberg Emerging Scholar
Accepting Students
Research Interests:
Immunology, genetics, bioinformatics