DEI Biomedical Career Seminar Series

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As part of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Programming campus-wide, the Graduate Program in Immunology and the Department of Microbiology and Immunology led by the efforts of Dr. Malini Raghavan and students Blake Heath and Sonya Wolf (pictured above) teamed up to write two integrated grants that were selected by the Provost's Office (see link) and the Rackham Faculty Ally Program (see link). 

Our students had identified a need for better access to aspirational role models from varied backgrounds, and a need for expanded opportunities for trainees to build their professional networks. This platform seeks to address the insufficiency of role-models concerns, by broadening access to diverse role models, and by expanding mentorship circles for all students.

 •Definition of underrepresented scientists includes those from

–Racial / Ethnic minority groups (African American, Latinx, Native American, Pacific Islander), LGBTQ+ backgrounds, disabled groups, and minority religions.


Variety of careers

 -We seek speakers from various career tracks, including academia, industry, publishing, grant writing, journalism, policy, and technology transfer.


•Student-run seminar series to be held twice / term beginning in late October 2017

–Student representatives from all 14 PIBS graduate programs recommended speakers and the platform emphasis is on scientific career development and networking. 

Want to be involved?  Contact Blake Heath or Sonya Wolf.  We are looking for volunteers to help with advertising, organizing the speaker-trainee dinners, moderating the discussion with the visiting panelist, running the logistics of the seminar, including introducing the speaker and collecting evaluations.
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 Past speakers include: (Tonya Webb (academia) Feb. 20, and Alissa Armstrong (Teaching) March 13, Leah Hubbard (government) April 24)

For additional career related resources compiled by Dr. Hubbard, please view this - Biomedical Sciences Career Resources