Mark Painter

Immunology Program Graduate Student Candidate


I attended the University of St. Thomas in Saint Paul, Minnesota, where I graduated with a B.S. in Biology in May 2014. I came to the University of Michigan as a PIBS student in August 2014, and joined the Graduate Program in Immunology and Kathy Collins's lab in May 2015.

Research Interests

My project focuses on developing strategies to reverse HIV immune evasion by characterizing small-molecule inhibitors of HIV Nef-mediated downmodulation of MHC class I in infected cells. I am also working on gaining a better understanding of the establishment and maintenance of latent HIV infections in hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells, with the goal of informing the design of improved latency-reversal strategies.


  • 2014 Maas fellow
  • 2016 Rackham Graduate Student Research Grant (Pre-candidate)
  • 2017 Rackham Travel award
  • 2017 Graduate Program in Immunology annual retreat- best poster
  • 2017 NIH NRSA Pre-doctoral Fellowship (F31)



Immunology Mentor