Katherine Gallagher, MD

Associate Professor of Surgery, Section of Vascular Surgery
Co-Director, Multidisciplinary PAD program
Accepting Students


Dr. Katherine Gallagher is an Associate Professor of Surgery at the University of Michigan. Her research program aims to develop immunotherapies for impaired wound healing, particularly in Type 2 Diabetes. She is investigating the role of epigenetic and metabolic alterations in bone marrow progenitor cell populations and how this influences peripheral macrophage phenotypes.

Research Interests

Dr. Gallagher has had a long-standing defined clinical and translational interest in the mechanisms underlying impaired diabetic wound healing. Her long-term goal is to uncover the basic mechanisms responsible for the coordination of immune cells in early tissue repair processes, determine impairments in Type 2 Diabetes and translate this knowledge to the bedside. It is her belief that the diabetic phenotype has systemic effects on bone marrow cells that alter innate immune cell functions resulting in chronic inflammation and impaired peripheral wound healing. Since joining the faculty at the University of Michigan, Dr. Gallagher’s research has focused on the intercept between epigenetics and metabolism in macrophages as it related to wound marrow progenitor cells and the impact on peripheral macrophage phenotypes as it relates to wound healing and inflammation. This work will provide important data on inflammatory macrophages in peripheral tissue and their contribution to chronic inflammation and may lead to novel treatment modalities. 

Research Opportunities for Rotating Students

Potential rotation projects involve the regulation of inflammation in innate immune cells post-surgery and projects to understand how innate immune cell activity is regulated by metabolic changes.