Hanna Hong

Immunology Program Graduate Student Pre-Candidate


Hanna graduated from the University of Washington with a BS in biochemistry. At UW, she worked in the Lagunoff lab and studied how herpes viral infection causes cancer by altering host cell metabolism Following graduation, she joined the Gallin lab at the NIH, where she studied bacterial pathogenesis. In 2016, Hanna joined the Immunology program at UM, where she is currently studying immunometabolism under the co-mentorship of Drs. Costas Lyssiotis and Luigi Franchi.

Research Interests

Our lab studies how cellular metabolism influences the effector functions of immune cells.


2016- NIH Postbac Poster Day Outstanding Poster Award
2014- UW Mary Gates Research Scholarship
2014- SACNAS Undergraduate Presentation Award
2014- UW Undergraduate Research Program Travel Conference Award
2014- SACNAS National Travel Scholarship
2013- UW Mary Gates Research Scholarship


Hanna Hong, Franchi L, and Lyssiotis CA: “Harnessing immunometabolism in adoptive Th17 cell cancer therapy”. 2017 Graduate Program in Immunology Annual Retreat

Immunology Mentor