Emily Yarosz



Emily graduated from the Pennsylvania State University in 2016 with a B.S. in Immunology and Infectious Disease. While at PSU, she worked in the lab of Dr. Robert Paulson as an undergraduate researcher studying hematopoietic cell development and stress erythropoeisis. Emily entered the Graduate Program in Immunology in the Fall of 2016, and she later joined the lab of Dr. Cheong-Hee Chang for her thesis work. When she's not in the lab, Emily loves to bake, read, and explore downtown Ann Arbor with friends.


Research Interests

Cellular metabolism has recently been shown to play a critical role in regulating the responses of various immune cells to infection. As such, our lab aims to better understand how different metabolic pathways drive adaptive immune responses to infectious disease and autoimmunity. Our work is currently focusing on how dysregulation of the antioxidant pathway changes the proliferation, activation, and development of effector functions in both CD4 T cells and NKT cells.


Immunology Mentor