Eli Olson



Eli went to the University of Kansas for his undergraduate degree, where he earned a B.S. in Cellular Biology with Departmental Honors. While there, he worked as an undergraduate researcher in the lab of Dr. Lisa Timmons on RNAi and epigenetic silencing mechanisms in C. elegans. Eli joined the Program in Immunology in Fall 2016, and has since joined the Raghavan lab for his thesis work.

Research Interests

My project is centered around antigen presentation by HLA Class I. Most of HLA class I biology is focused on peptide-filled versions of HLA-I molecules, which serve as antigen presenters to the immune system. However, our laboratory has evidence for the existence on the cell-surface of peptide-deficient forms of HLA-I for certain allotypes. The goal of my project is to study the functions of these peptide-deficient HLA-I molecules in different cellular contexts.

Immunology Mentor