Austin Taylor



Austin is an Ann Arbor native and attended Carleton College for undergraduate studies. He spent four years researching graft-versus-host disease with Dr. James Ferrara before moving on to medical school here at Michigan where he is pursuing his MD/PhD. Returning to his interests in the field of bone marrow transplant research, he joined the Reddy lab for his PhD work. In his free time, Austin is and avid runner and has recently tried, unsuccessfully, to develop some skills in the fields of homebrewing and gardening.

Research Interests

The focus of the Reddy lab is on the major source of morbidity and mortality following bone marrow transplant: graft-versus-host disease (GVHD). While most of the work in this field has focused on the hematopoetic compartment, Austin has shifted his focus to the target tissues themselves and their interactions with neighboring microbes. Many cellular pathways may contribute to target tissue-mediated resiliency in the setting of BMT. One promising candidate identified by the Reddy lab is Autophagy; Austin hopes to extend these findings to identify a clearer picture of how this pathway might protect organs from alloimmune damage.


Immunology Mentor