Amy Yu

Immunology Program Graduate Student Candidate


Amy graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with degrees in Molecular & Cell Biology and Genetics & Plant Biology. Her previous research experiences include studying plant evolutionary biology, host-pathogen interactions in C. elegans and prostate cancer lymphangiogenesis. In 2014, she joined the Immunology Graduate Program at UM where she is currently studying how the microbiome influences host immunity in the context of colitis-associated colon cancer under the mentorship of Dr. Grace Chen.

Research Interests

Our lab studies how the gut microbiome influences colon tumor development using a murine model of inflammatory colon cancer. In particular, our lab has two wildtype colonies that not only have different microbiomes but also present with differential tumor burdens. I aim to identify bacteria that may suppress or promote tumorigenesis as well as study the influence of the microbiome on host immunity.


Experimental Immunology T32 Training Grant, 2015-2016
Rackham Graduate Student Research Grant, 2016 and 2017


Yu AI, Ho S, Koumpouras C, Zhao L, Fujiwara H, Schloss PD, Reddy P, Eaton KA, Martens E and Chen GY. Understanding the role of the gut microbiome in colorectal tumorigenesis. 2017 Graduate Program in Immunology Annual Retreat, 2017 Cancer Center Spring Symposium and 2018 University of Michigan Center for Gastrointestinal Research Winter Retreat.

Immunology Mentor