August 8, 2017

Congratulations Sonya, Blake and Malini!

Successful funding for the Rackham Student Ally for Diversity grant

The Immunology program is so pleased to congratulate Sonya Wolf and Blake Heath who successfully competed for a Rackham Student Ally for Diversity grant with help from Dr. Malini Raghavan.  This award, along with the successful award of a Rackham Faculty Allies grant submitted by Dr. Raghavan will help the Immunology program and our partners in Microbiology and Immunology to institute some exciting new programming.  Stay tuned for exciting new speakers from diverse backgrounds that will be brought to campus along with some activities to improve mentor-mentee communication.  We are so pleased that our students are playing such an active role in making Michigan a welcoming and supportive community for all scientists!  Well done!