January 17, 2017

Blake Heath commended for mentoring!

Blake Heath participated as part of a UM Mentorship program during the 2016 fall semester to work with a Peer Mentor to assist a group of incoming first year students in adjusting to college life, as well as share knowledge and resources about the University and provide opportunities to learn, develop and build a network of support.


Mentors work with this program on a completely volunteer basis. They spend time with students, beyond the work mentors do on behalf of their administrative and academic departments. Many mentors attend Mentorship wide events with their small groups, as well as plan their own activities that positively enhance the first year student college experience. Mentors also communicate monthly with staff to share their feedback and monthly progress with their mentees. The commitment lasts for the entire fall semester and many mentors choose to continue their mentoring relationships beyond the prescribed program dates.


This year, Blake's Communication Coordinator and Mentorship student staff member, Lainey Segel, was responsible for offering support and resources to assist in a smooth experience. She is pleased to report that Blake contributed significantly to Mentorship by serving as an incredible role model to his peer mentor and mentees. He was a wonderful asset to the Mentorship program this past year. He had good relationships with both his peer co-mentor and his freshman mentees. He also went above and beyond to be available for his mentees and provide them with a positive experience. 


The Immunology program is so proud of Blake for reaching out the undergraduate community to make it a smooth transition for these new students on campus!  Thanks Blake!  You make us proud!