Immunology Journal Club

The Immunology Program journal club will be held twice a month.  The time is 9 AM and the location is the GAP conference room by PIBS area (2955 Taubman Health Sciences Library) except on the dates listed below when it will be in 2903 THSL nearby.  During the fall semester, the students taking IMM 851 will present papers on the topics listed below under supervision of Dr. Marilia Cascalho.

Please email Beth at, if you want to sign up for an open slot.

October 5th  Emily and Daria will present the Spranger and Sykes paper posted below

October 19th JC-HIV Vaccination- GAP ROOM (2955 THSL) Hanna and Eli will present the papers below  (Thai trial and VRCO1)

November 2nd - JC - Immunotherapy (2955 THSL)  Please see the papers below (Rosenberg.... and Glioblastoma....)

November 16th -JC- GVHD - GAP ROOM(2955 THSL)  Austin and James will be discussing the following papers in GVHD also attached below:

1.       Schwab et al . Nat Med. 2014 Jun;20(6):648-54. doi: 10.1038/nm.3517. Epub 2014 May 18. Neutrophil granulocytes recruited upon translocation of intestinal bacteria enhance graft-versus-host disease via tissue damage.

2.       Bleakley et al. J Clin Invest. 2015 Jul 1;125(7):2677-89. Outcomes of acute leukemia patients transplanted with naive T cell-depleted stem cell grafts.

December 7th -JC- Autoimmunity 2903 THSL (lecture room right outside the PIBS suite)   John Charpentier  and Caitlin Poisillico will present  the Kahlenberg and Beck Engeser papers below