Immunology Journal Club

The Immunology Program journal club will be held twice a month.  The time is 9 AM and the location is the GAP conference room by PIBS area (2955 Taubman Health Sciences Library) except on the dates listed below.

Dates for the Winter, 2017 Semester and Presenters are listed below:  Please email Beth at, if you want to sign up for an open slot.

Jan 19, Holly Turula  Clin Exp Immunol. 2016 Sep;185(3):338-47...See Salerno-Goncalves paper below

Feb. 2, Anita Zaitouna  See Pender paper below on EBV and MS

Feb 16 Enayat Nikoopour will present on  TGFb and IL-15 in regulating tissue resident memory cells (see Tbox paper below)


Mar 16 Jing Li  see paper below: A distinct innate lymphoid cell population regulates tumor-associated T cells

Mar 30 Lucia Russo-see paper below on adipose ILCs.

Apr 13 Alison Eastman-see Nancy paper below.  It is a creative mutant mouse, epigenetics, AND maternal-fetal tolerance report!